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What’s the difference between soft washing vs pressure washing?

Soft washing and pressure washing can actually be performed using the same machine. The difference in techniques is achieved by altering the Pressure Per Square Inch (PSI), the amount of cleaning chemicals used and the nozzle tip.


Soft washing is generally defined as having a PSI of less than 500 and will normally be performed using chemicals and a wider tip, to create a spray rather than a jet of water. Soft washing is perfect for avoiding damage to more delicate surfaces such as wood, and is effective at killing algae or mould because it relies on the chemicals in the water to perform the cleaning. At Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning, we also have a dedicated Soft Washing machine that we use for really delicate jobs. It only uses 70 PSI, which is only slightly more pressure than a normal hose!


If you have a harder surface that is not at risk of being damaged such as stone, pressure washing is a very efficient cleaning method. It uses less chemicals than soft washing and completely blasts away any dirt using force, leaving the surface sparkling clean.

What’s the difference between pressure washing vs power washing?

Power and pressure washing might sound quite similar, but there are a few distinct differences. Power washing blasts hot water, whereas pressure washing uses cold water. Hot water helps to sanitise a surface as well as clean it, so power washing is perfect for places prone to bacteria, such as skip bins. Power washing is normally heavier duty than pressure washing, so is often used by commercial cleaners for larger areas such as big concrete driveways or large stone walls. Pressure washing is ideal for brickwork or anything with grooves that may get dirt stuck in them.

What’s a good PSI for a pressure washer?

If you are soft washing, your PSI should be set at under 500. When pressure washing your PSI will be much higher, but will vary depending on the surface you’re cleaning. To take the confusion out of selecting the correct PSI, hiring a professional cleaner to do the job is the best way to make sure the end result is of the highest standard – and that everyone stays safe.

Can you damage concrete by pressure washing it?

An amateur cleaner can be at risk of leaving permanent marks on concrete if they pressure wash it using the incorrect PSI. But for a professional cleaning business like us, there is very little risk that our highly trained and caring staff will cause any damage to your concrete by pressure washing it. In the very unlikely event that there is damage to your property, you are covered under our $10 million insurance plan, which guarantees compensation for any damage.

What products do you use to clean the exterior of a house?

All the chemicals we use to clean exterior areas are eco-friendly. We use a range of different products and will always thoughtfully choose the one that we feel will achieve the best result after assessing the specific area we’re cleaning.

What chemicals are used to clean roofs?

We believe in conservation of the environment and so we only use approved chemicals that are recommended by authoritative bodies. Depending on your site’s surface and needs, we will use anything from regular detergent to more acidic chemicals as required.

Can you clean a roof with solar panels?

Yes, absolutely! Thanks to the gentle nature of our Pure Water Fed Pole technology that we generally use on windows, we can effectively clean solar panels without causing any damage.

How do you clean multi-storey windows?

We use the latest window cleaning technology, which means we don’t need to worry about balancing up a ladder to reach multi-storey windows. This is safer and more efficient for us, but also saves time and money for our customers.


Our Pure Water Fed Pole system feeds water up through an extendable pole via a treatment unit that removes all the dissolved minerals that you’d normally find in tap water. This means that when the glass is finally rinsed and squeegeed, all that is left is the smallest amount of pure water, which will evaporate leaving the windows completely streak-free, with no need for polishing.

Do you offer pre-sale exterior house cleans?

We are experts in pre-sale exterior house cleans and have excellent relationships with real estate agents all across the Hervey Bay and Maryborough area. Regular exterior cleaning will ensure your house remains in good condition, which minimises the need for expensive surface replacements or repairs before you put your property on the market. And, when the time comes that you’re ready to sell? We specialise in roof, driveway and wall cleaning, all areas that are actually proven to increase the value of your house.

Which suburbs do you service?

We service all of Hervey Bay and Maryborough, plus the surrounding areas with postcodes 4650 and 4655. Contact us directly if you’re unsure whether we service your area and we will be able to advise you.

What payment methods do you accept:

We accept credit and debit cards, direct deposits or cash.

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